Fusing two worlds.

Hand in hand with developers and users. This is us.

Human Factors Engineering.

We use systematic Human Factors Engineering methods. Here, the term engineering highlights that we use scientifically sound methods based on computational models. This model-based approach enables us to fuse two worlds: the world of users and the world of software engineers. We closely cooperate with users to understand and transfer their requirements into formal models that can be used by software engineers to implement the human-machine interaction.

This is why we call ourselves Human-Machine Architects. Architects fuse the world of building owners and the world of construction workers. They translate the requirements of building-owners into formal plans and models that are used by construction workers to actually build the house.

Human Factors Engineering means: we understand and master the ergonomics of user interfaces; we understand and master the task and work domain demands; we understand and master the cognitive processes of the operators. We produce systems that successfully meet all users' needs.

We perform Human Factors Engineering for HMI in aircraft, cars and control rooms.

We offer

Human-Machine Interaction

AR/VR for Remote Support

Driver Modelling for Vehicle Automation

Software Development