AR/VR for Remote Support

What we offer.

We design and implement software for remote support of maintenance and repair tasks. Our software can be used with various mobile and wearable devices: e.g. smartphones, tablets, smart watches, augmented reality glasses, virtual reality glasses.

The challenge we tackle.

Imagine a technician who drives to a site, e.g. an electrical junction box, that needs to be repaired. At the site he discovers that he is not able to perform the work as planned. The site looks different or the correct technical plans are not available on site. Help is needed from the central office. Now there are two options. Option 1: Calling the central office. The technical details are difficult to explain and misunderstandings will occur. Option 2: Return and get the correct technical plans. Yes, a possible solution. But it takes too much time, other repair work will be delayed.

Our solution: Our software allows to connect to other technicians e.g. at the central office. Via mobile and wearable devices the technicians can share their thoughts and knowledge between each other, as if they were standing next to each other. This is enabled by our augmented reality software.

What makes us unique.

Integrated Cooperation Platform: Our software runs on all wearable and mobile device as well as stationary computers with Internet browsing capability. It supports a bring-your-own-device approach, e.g., field technicians can benefit from the system on the fly with their own devices. It provides a web-based HTML5 interface, which ensures a higher scalability for the overall application by supporting a variety of devices out of the box, and better cost effectiveness in development and maintenance of the software.

Enterprise Architectures: Our software follows service-oriented architectural principles that allow easy integration into enterprise architectures of our customers. In this way, our software naturally connects to ticket systems, workflows and document repositories already used by customers.

Our services and products.

We offer services to systematically implement software to support your remote operations:

Step 1: In the first step we perform a requirement analysis.

Step 2: In the second step our employees will implement a custom-tailored software.

Step 3: In the third step the system will be tested.

Step 4: After successful finalization of the software implementation the Augmind-Glasses can be used.

Our techniques.

Web technology: We implement our software using the aktor-based framework Play2 und Akka as well as a cloud-based Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) environment. These middelware and frontend technologies enable high scalability and resilience.

Augmented and Virtual Reality: We are using cutting-edge technology in the field of augmented and virtual reality in order to enhance the real world with additional useful information (AR) and in order to give a feel of presence while communicating remotely (VR). For the development we are using common 3D engines like Unity3D.

Knowledge-based technologies: In order to realize storage and retrieval of maintenance and repair knowledge we implement technologies for knowledge representation and knowledge inference based on Bayesian Networks. Bayesian Networks allow to store probabilistic dependencies to answer questions like: On which task is the technician currently working? Which problem has occurred? Which solution is best suited to solve the problem?

What does adaptation mean here?

Adaptation here means that our software can be used with any mobile and wearable device. The provided functionality and the communicated information automatically adapts to the concrete devices used by the technicians.