Software Development

Apart from our design expertise, we take pride in our ability to engineer and code modern applications which fulfill highest requirements. Agile process methods help us to connect with our customers to create better applications. We can accomplish development contracts for a whole range of use cases, environments, and devices

Amazing AR/VR

We build Augmented and Virtual Reality apps for a whole range of devices. Our services cover specialized applications for a specific use case, but also wide-ranging use cases in cooperation and remote support. We use the latest equipment like Microsoft HoloLens ™, but also aim at incorporating generally available mobile devices including smartphones and tablets.

Wonderful Web Frontends

We use the latest web technologies to build fast, rich, and responsive UI frontends. Modern browsers are capable of sophistic touch interaction, 3D display, video recognition, audio and video communication and much more. Our grasp of the underlying technologies enables us to exploit these capabilities to the max.

Vivid Visualizations

Spatial, statistical, 3-dimensional, ... we create sophisticated yet easy-to-understand visualizations of your data and integrate them in our applications.

Wholesome Web Applications

Web applications have several advantages over local installations. They provide a maximum of platform indepence, are easy to deploy and to maintain, which increases safety and security. At Humatects, we use the Play2 framework, which allows us to create reactive web applications with great scalability and resilience.

Staggering Full Stack Development

We offer web application backends and frontends. Our applications are ideally suited for continuous deployment in service-oriented architectures and cloud environments. We take a deep interest in the enterprise integration of our products.

We believe in the the right tool for the job. In this fast evolving world, we're always eager to discover anything new and cool, if it helps to complete the job. We are proficient in the technologies listed below: